Real Estate Law

real-estate-law-david-brown-lawOur real estate law practice includes, document preparation and examination, trusts, easement/access issues, encroachment/boundary disputes, leases, purchase/sale agreements, real estate fraud, deeds and conveyances, adverse possession, liens, broker/fiduciary claims, real estate commission disputes, disclosure deficiencies, title claims and defects, property management disputes, investment fraud and disputes, water related issues, mineral rights issues and general real estate litigation.

Home Owners’ Association (HOA) Law

Our HOA law practice includes restrictive covenant/CCR enforcement and disputes, dedicatory instrument/By-law interpretation, HOA assessment and collective matters, common area disputes, owner-manager disputes, improper liens and foreclosures, illegal restrictions, board meeting and election/voting issies, insurance/premise claims. Representation is for both the HOA and the people or entities harmed by them.

Eviction Suits

We file and prosecute residential and commercial eviction suits solely for the landlords/owners and property managers. We do defend appeals into the County Courts at Law. The practice includes, notices to vacate, lease defaults, lockouts, forcible entry and detainer suits, security deposit problems, utility interruption, write of re-entry and writs of possession as well as other issues that may arise.

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