International Law & Investing

international-law-attorney-david-brown-lawIn our global economy doing business with overseas companies is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, oftentimes the legal challenges can be difficult to overcome given language barriers and cultural barriers. In addition to trade deals, there are often overseas investments that businesses and individuals would like to consider. However, these investments must be done carefully in order to avoid running afoul of US laws and regulations.

Businesses who are considering doing business with an overseas company will need contract assistance as well as someone to assist in negotiations. These are not negotiations that are simple in many cases, because of currency variances and because of different regulations that apply to different countries. Businesses need someone who has the experience necessary to successfully work on international transactions and who will help look out for their interests in all negotiations.

International trade has become more common over time and as businesses grow, they often find there is a demand for their products in overseas markets. However, import/export laws and currency differences can make these trades very challenging. When you need a US partner who understands international trade and investment issues, you can count on the team at the David Samuel Brown Law Firm.

At David Samuel Brown Law Firm, we can help you draft the necessary contracts to firm up agreements with international businesses. We can also help you with various types of international investment opportunities and when necessary help with international contract enforcement. We have experience handling a variety of international business law and investment challenges and we can help your business thrive in overseas marketplaces. Our goal is always to help you make the right decision to ensure your business is protected in all international transactions and help enforce your contracts in the event of a default.

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